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October 14, 2013 by crystallake No Comment

 Happy Fall Everyone.

                Either you are on your way back HOME, or you are getting ready. We’re anxiously awaiting your arrival. We look forward to seeing all of you and reconnecting. We are busy enjoying ourselves, but could do a much better job if you were here.

The Social Rec office will be open a limited number of days per week during mid-October, November and December. Exact hours will be posted on Channel 12. The Social Rec. Coordinators will be accepting checks by mail for those not yet in the park who wish to make reservations.  Please call the SR office at 239-353-9880 for pricing and remember that tickets go on sale one month prior to the event. Check out the insert for upcoming events. Carol Duff, the SR treasurer, has streamlined the financial responsibilities of the department and has a much better handle on expenditures and income after her first year in the position. She proposed a carry forward option last spring that would forego borrowing startup costs from the POA. All monies of the $6426.79 balance were allocated for planned expenses in the New Year, including startup costs. These expenses included our BMI (entertainment) fees, lake tree repairs and construction, picture directory revisions, cabaret night, stained glass and bocce ball. To support the 25th Anniversary Party, Social Rec will be conducting three 50/50 raffles; one at Christmas, one at Welcome Back Breakfast and the Spare Rib dinner. In case you are not aware, Rocky’s daughter is going through extended cancer treatments, thus he and Caroline will remain in Massachusetts until her treatments are completed. This means that we will need volunteers to step up to plan and prepare the meals that are scheduled after the first of the year. If you are gifted as a planner of meals and wish to share your talents, please contact the Social Rec office at the number listed above. We wish their daughter, Alicia, a complete recovery.

Speaking of the planned Quarter Century event, Jim and Alice Boland were reflecting back on our history and note that a successful community, like ours, is built on FRIENDSHIP, WILLING VOLUNTEERS AND DEDICATED LEADERSHIP. We will celebrate our achievements on February 4, 2014. We hope you will be able to join us as we look back on the first 25 years of the place like no other, “Simply the Very Best.”

Friends are beginning to return, so a safety reminder is in order. Please be sure that your bike has lighting front and rear and when walking in the dark, carry a flashlight.

I’ll close with a wish for your safe return, and the joy of seeing all of you in the very near future.


Daryl Mattison, President