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2015-2016 EVENT SEASON

30th – Octoberfest
11th – Veteran’s Day
18th – Christmas Pot Luck Social
25th – Christmas Day Dinner
5th – Town Hall Meeting & Lunch
9th – Bountiful Breakfast
13th – Welcome Back New Year’s Dinner/Dance
23rd – Bountiful Breakfast
26th – Town Hall Meeting & Lunch
27th – Dinner/Dance with “The Gatlins”
3rd – Dinner by Rocky (fundraiser for S.O.N.)
6th – Bountiful Breakfast
9th – Election and Annual Meeting
10th – Sweetheart Dinner/Dance
11th – Blood Drive
17th & 18th – Entertainment Nights
20th – Bountiful Breakfast
24th – “Paul Todd” – show only
26th – Trivia Night
27th – CL Yard Sale
1st – Town Hall Meeting & Lunch
4th & 5th – Fun Fest Days & BBQ
7th – Habitat Lunch
9th – American Bandstand Dinner/Dance
11th – End off Season Pot Luck Social
13th – Memorial Service
17th – St. Patrick’s Dinner/Dance
19th – Bountiful Breakfast
23rd – Volunteer Dinner
25th – Good Friday Service
27th – Easter Service
29th – Town Hall Meeting

To ALL Activities Coordinators (ie. Wi Bowling, Shuffleboard, Yoga, etc.), please feel free to email Social Rec. any confirmations to existing schedules, or changes in schedules, for next season as we get into the fall season! What you do is so important to our Resort’s activities so, we want to promote you and your Activity as we begin next season’s Social Rec. Newsletter! Thank you!